Secretary of the Interior's
Standards for Rehabilitation


1. Use property as originally intended -
or provide for compatible use.

2. Maintain distinguishing historic qualities or character.

3. Alternations with no historical basis that create an
earlier appearance should be discouraged.

4. Historically significant changes should be
recognized and respected.

5. Treat features or examples of skilled craftsmanship
that characterize the property with sensitivity.

6. Repair deteriorated architectural features
instead of replacing where feasible.
New materials should match the old.

7. Surface cleaning should be of gentlest means possible.

  8. Protect and preserve archeological
resources as best as possible.

9. Design of additions alterations shall be compatible
with the size, scale, color, material and character
of the property, neighborhood or environment.

10. New additions or alterations should be such that
they can be removed without impairing the integrity
of the building or structure. 


A structural investigation was conducted - stating htat the building can be utilized to provide additional years of service.

Load bearing masonry walls, concrete frame, steel trusses, wood framing

An Asbestos Report was conducted

Abatement is estimated at $64k

New roofing project underway

Construction begins in August

Includes 10 year maintenance contract

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