Feasibility Report for a new
Madison County Government Complex
to be located in the restored

Discontinued as an educational facility in 1969, the building has been utilized for other purposes, namely a furniture store and a church.  The parcel of land containing Canton High School consists of approximately 5 acres, and contains a large level open area directly behind the building which can provide parking for this this facility.  Additionally, a public parking area is located directly across the street.


The Canton High School building, located two blocks north of the Canton Square, was constructed in 1923 and enlarged in 1938.  The building is designed as a Mississippi Landmark and individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The Masonry facade stretches for almost 400 feet and contains 62,000 square feet.  The two story building consists of a central corridor on each side, and an auditorium and gymnasium extending from the back.  The primary structure if the building consists of concrete and masonry load bearing walls, concrete and wood floor structure and wood roof framing.  The interior of the Canton High School is traditional.   The walls and ceilings are covered with plaster while floors are concrete, ceramic tile or wood.  The school retains its original plan and a high degree of integrity in regard to materials, design and craftsmanship.

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