In 1987 efforts to revitalize the Canton Business District (CBD), especially the "Hollow" were undertaken by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen establishing the Redevelopment Authority. Canton Redevelopment Authority (CRA) was given the task of addressing those areas of "slum and blight" as defined in the Urban Renewal Statutes of the Mississippi Code.

Several ordinances and incentives were developed:

  1. Zoning Ordinance/Zoning and Planning Commission

  2. Restaurant Ordinance

  3. Ordinance establishing a parking tax in Canton Business District with funds being used to address public parking spaces

  4. Utility & Building Code inspections

  5. Ordinance to establish Historic District and Preservation Commission

  6. Architectural Review Board (1998) for new construction

Commissioners for 2003
Hurstine Watts, Chairman
Pauline Watkins
Dr. W. L. Johnson
James Parker
Martin Hegwood

Maureen S. Simpson, Executive Director
Elaine Cochran, Business Manager
Elmer Turner, Buildings & Grounds

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